attendance policy

Absence Procedure - All absences must be reported by a parent/guardian to be excused. 

To report an absence please call 248.684.8104.

Extended Excused Absence - If your student is planning to be out of school for an extended period of time he/she must fill out the following form and and return it to the counseling office completed.

Illness/Call Home Procedure - A student who is ill should report to the counseling office.  Student will be allowed to call home if necessary.

Student check in/out procedure - A student who is leaving school early or entering into school late must check in at the counseling office and officially sign out or obtain a pass to enter back into class. A student could have an UNEXCUSED absense or tardy if this procedure is not followed.

hvs code of conduct

Huron Valley Schools believes that students have the right to pursue their education and develop their potential in a positive learning environment. The effective school setting is the result of strong leadership, high expectations, and a clear definition of purpose understood and supported by students, staff, parents* and the community. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to define those behaviors necessary for a productive learning environment. The Code explains the rights and responsibilities of students. It defines offenses and standardizes disciplinary procedures for students who violate the Code. The provisions in the Code apply to all students in Huron Valley elementary and secondary schools. 

Brett Myers

Office Coordinator

Kari Bessonen