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Belong . Believe . Become

Alone we can do so little,
TOGETHER we can so so much!


Join the Oak Valley PTSA

When you join the PTSA, you become part of a TEAM committed to boosting student achievement and enriching the learning environment at Oak Valley.  We believe collaborative involvement in education is the number one thing we can do to enable every student to reach their potential. 


Students during the middle school years go through many changes.  They are trying to find their independence while still needing our support.  Joining the PTSA is an easy way to stay connected and gain a broader perspective of how you can play a supportive role during these middle years. 

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.  With the wide range of support we provide our school community, there are opportunities for ALL strengths, interests, and availability.  We value your ideas and input to help all of our learners reach their full potential. What is YOUR role on our team?

Please partner with us in building brighter futures for all TOGETHER! 

If you have any questions about membership, please contact Danielle Blazic.

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