Oak Valley Leadership students team up for annual fundraiser

Thank you to supporters all over the country for helping to make this fundraiser a success for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and the Oak Valley leadership class! 

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total amount raised:  


donations came from:  

48/50 U.s. States

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The Oak Valley Student Leadership team in conjunction with the staff have begun the execution of their wacky incentive events! Check back often to see updates on how our teachers have met their challenges ! It keeps getting better!

50 states challenge 3.10.21

Donations from 48/50 states!

Mr. Snow in a WIG

Mr. Snow in a WIG


Student Leadership Team


Leadership Team presents fundraiser to classes


Mrs. Marshall wore a wet suit and did the Ice Bucket Challenge!


MSU fan, Mr. Topper, was forced to wear U of M gear!


Where we started from ...


Mrs. Turner dyed her hair a rainbow ... for real!


U of M grad, Mrs. Topper, thought this was EPIC!


Mr. Shindorf, a Lakeland die hard, forced to wear a Milford shirt for the day!


Our grand total: $10,783

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