Oak Valley National Junior Honor Society 

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an organization committed to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.  Each year our chapter of NJHS votes on a theme for which to focus our activities throughout the year.  Past themes have included Go Green, School Spirit, and Healthy Living. 


In order to remain an active member, students are required to complete ten hours of community service during their 8th grade year.  These hours must come from service opportunities provided by our chapter of NJHS.  Community service opportunities will be shared with students as they become available but include working events for Huron Valley Community Recreation as well as helping out at specific events hosted by the various elementary schools within the district.

2020/21 NJHS Induction Lunch

All NJHS inductees should join us for lunch to honor this great achievement!

  • Thursday, October 15 (A Day) or Friday, October 16 (B Day)

  • HVVA students can attend either day 

  • During 8th Grade Lunch Period (12:33 -12:58 pm)

  • Students only please

  • Plan to bring your lunch or purchase lunch in the cafeteria

  • Wear a hoodie or jacket as we plan to eat outside if weather permits

  • NJHS families: If you are interested, we are accepting donations for individually packaged desserts. You may send them in with your student on the day of the lunch.

Kelly Haas
Santina Marshall
Congratulations 2020/21 inductees

Meah A                Zoey B

Chris B

Alexandra B

Lucas B

Maddigan B

Ashley B

Claire B

Jeremy B

Cole B

Mackenzie C

Crystal C

Cassie C

Ameila D

Luca D

Kara D

Nate D

Hayden E

Tierney F

Kylee F

Jackson F

Elayna G

Avery G

Niko H

Aubrey H

Ella H

Lydia H

Makayla H

Copper H

Mya H

Duane J

Ben K

Tessa K

Olivia K

Will L

Cameron L

Morgan L

Lauren M

Kylie M

Austyn M

Bryanna O

Ava O

Nolan O

Rainah P

Danielle P

Alexis R

Carol R

Aubrey R

Johan S

Noah S

Jamey S

Trevor S

Kierra S

Cameron S

Bryce S

Zarah S

Quinn T

Alena T

Grace T

Jacob V

Leah V

Derek V

Landon W

Payton W

Blake Z

Ava Z






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